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Katherine Bagley

Silver and Mixed Metal Jewelry


Rocky Neck Gallery member

Ever since I can remember I have felt the need to be creative. Why I chose jewelry and silversmithing is easily answered in the word "wow"! My first encounter with hammering and soldering silver opened my eyes to new and exciting possibilities. To be able to take plain metal sheet and wire and turn them into something beautiful was a thrill! It was almost as if they were being brought to life. As I developed my craft and started selling it to others I discovered the joy and honor of having created something that another person cherished for either their own personal use or as a gift for a loved one.

I have two main sources of inspriation. One is that of ethnic and tribal jewery. One culture that has appealed to me is that of Egypt. African art and jewelry is another favorite. What appeals to me most from these two are the patterns and the earthiness found in the beads, art and metalwork. The second source of inspiration and one that is influencing me the most at the moment is from our natural world. Synergy happens when combining shapes and textures with metal and colorful elements. The mystery of this leaves me with a feeling of delight and wonder. It is a spiritual exercise for me, an extension of worship. Sometimes what I end up with is not where I was going but that is the fun of the process.

My recent work has included colorful beads and sea glass. Again I go to nature to find my palette. A beautiful susnset or the unlikely pairings of colors found in the heart of a flower are often represented in my work. I strive for a balance and a flow in each piece I make and when I find it I know I am done with it and can release it into someone else's care.


Katherine Bagley
Silver crocheted necklace with multicolored glass beads

Katherine Bagley
Sterling Silver hand forged earrings with fluorite chips