Rocky Neck Art Colony

Mary Rhinelander McCarl

Watercolor, acrylic, collage

28 Old Nugent Farm Road
Gloucester, MA 01930-3167


Rocky Neck Gallery member

Mary Rhinelander McCarl searches for gestures in the natural world. She finds them in rocks, sand and water, in the sculptural patterns created by nature in the long ago and in the present-day seasons and tides. She also creates images of flowers, using quick strokes in vivid colors. She paints in water media--transparent and opaque watercolors on paper, as well as acrylics on paper or panel. She also makes collages in mixed media--utilizing paper, fabrics, buttons and beads. She is a member of the group working under the direction of Juni Van Dyke, sewing the fifteen applique panels that make up "The Neighborhoods of Cape Ann." She also has a line of jewelry "Blue Jean Beads."

Mixed Media, Mary Rhinelander NcCarl

Judith Bly
Mixed Media Collage, Mary Rhinelander McCarl

Mary Rhinelander McCarl
Watecolor, Mary Rhinelander McCarl