Rocky Neck Art Colony
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Rocky Neck Historic Art Trail

Hopper's Mansard Roof

Herrick Court


Wear comfortable shoes, open your eyes and prepare to be inspired.

The Rocky Neck Historic Art Trail maps the sites in and around Rocky Neck in East Gloucester, Massachusetts associated with the artists featured in a book by Judith Curtis, Rocky Neck Art Colony 1850-1950, published in 2008. This website includes a variety of resources to guide you on your actual or virtual journey along the Trail.

Each PDF page of the Rocky Neck Historic Art Trail website showcases a noteworthy site from which the area's rich artistic legacy can be better understood and explored first-hand. In some cases, you are able to compare local scenes painted by Rocky Neck artists with photographs of the same views as they appear today. Some views appear remarkably similar to the 19th and 20th century paintings they inspired. Often, several artists painted the same view, enabling a comparison of the artists' styles and choices. Other views are now vastly different from their former appearance, giving you a sense of how our visual landscape has been altered by human activity over the years. In other cases, you can see the actual harbor front buildings and/or locations where the artists lived, worked and commingled convivially in a colony of working artists, writers and thinkers drawn to the hustle and bustle of the thriving fishing community that Gloucester was during that period.

The map inset and driving directions provided on each of the Trail Site PDF pages give you the tools you need to find each Trail site, all of which are located just over one mile beyond the final traffic light which marks the end of Route 128 on the eastern tip of Cape Ann, approximately 35 miles north of Boston. All are within walking distance from the Public Parking lot located just off East Main Street on Rocky Neck Avenue. From the website, you can download for each site a PDF page, complete with map, driving directions, historical context and related visual images, formatted for easy printing on 8 1/2 x 11 sheets.


Rocky Neck Art Colony 1850 - 1950Rocky Neck Book

One of America's most important artistic communities comes to life in this history of the art colony at Rocky Neck in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

The Rocky Neck Art Colony is pleased to announce the publication of its new book, Rocky Neck Art Colony 1850-1950, by art historian and writer Judith Curtis, designed by Stephen Bridges. The book details the art, lives, and interactions of the great artists who painted Rocky Neck and its environs. Images of works by Fitz Henry Lane, Winslow Homer, Gordon Grant, Frank Duveneck, Childe Hassam, Theresa Bernstein, Cecilia Beaux, Mary Bryan, Umberto Romano, and many others are beautifully reproduced and accompany the text of this fascinating and lovely book.